What Our Top Food Industries Don’t Want You to Know About Chocolate

Okay, we talked about coffee. Now let’s have a quick chat about chocolate! Real talk: most cheap chocolate = some form of injustice. Child labor and terrible working conditions are some of the very real and very awful issues regarding cacao production.

“Once those masses of beans are blended together and additional ingredients are added, a multitude of sins can be hidden.”

We need better trade policies. By implementing better trade policies, farmers wouldn’t be the “weakest link in the value chain” which should not even be the case since we depend so heavily on their labor. But until trade policies are changed, we need education. We need to buy different types of chocolate at the store; ones that have positive stories behind them with fair-trade regulations and good pay.

Most people don’t think about the origins of their food when ordering dessert at a restaurant or buying a candy bar at a gas station. But if we knew the realities behind these products, we may just change our mind about indulging.

When you have time, I highly recommend watching this documentary, The Dark Side of Chocolate:

Let’s change the way we see the food we consume. Remember, your purchase is a vote!