All About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Kassidy Gamble, a freelance writer dedicated to sharing my experience of how to live a holistic and environmentally conscious life.

Since I was little, writing stories about my adventures under the sea, writing has been my favorite form of creativity and self-expression. Having grown up in Orange County, California, the ocean was my foundation of all things artistic and mystical. Hearing of mermaid tales and deep ocean fables encouraged creative energies to transpire within me. In the meantime, I have learned a lot through my education at University of Denver and study abroad in Tanzania, where I spent almost four months traveling around the country on a Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology program.

Throughout my experience, I have found that storytelling and other creative forms of written words are what inspires others to learn from mistakes and move forward into a healthy and sustainable world. Now, writing has become so much more to me than self-expression but also, a means of inspiration and a way to influence positive change in the world. The topics I choose to write about are near and dear to my heart and based off of what I know to be true in this moment. I am grateful to be able to write for a living today.

If my blog posts and portfolio are not enough of a glimpse into my true self, here are a couple more facts about me:

I am a quiet, strong person who cares deeply about sustainability, self-care and women empowerment. I feel connected to the earth and all its inhabitants and feel love everywhere.

I’m an explorer, a dancer, a reader, a hugger.

Constantly living in my thoughts and feelings.

I love the way the mundane and monotonous can be turned into deep and romanticized stories by the power of words. And I am in love with other-worldly stories because that’s where I feel I belong. Though my anxiety will try to break me, I know that I don’t need to stress over the future or what others will think of me. I know I am connected and loved already.

I will turn into a leader if you need me and be strong and brave. I’m innately a mother from birth and a hippie at heart. My heart longs for travel and the rush of a new adventure. I’m one with it all and no different from the good, the bad, happy and sad. I believe that I am always where I need to be.

Well, that’s enough I’s for a while. What are some favorite things about yourself and about your life, right now?