The Easiest Ways to Stop Anxiety and Start Living!

I’m going to be real with you. The fact is that almost everyone in the world has some form of anxiety.

However, some people do have it worse than others–speaking from personal experience.

Anxiety is when we become nervous or uneasy about a certain upcoming event or situation. Sometimes, it’s feeling unsettled without knowing the reason behind it. Before social media, or even college, I didn’t know I had anxiety. It was just something I felt in my heart and tried my best to ignore. But once I acknowledged my thought and emotions as anxiety, I could pinpoint my stress and start to counteract it.

Now, most people have what is called performance anxiety; fear or worry of what others will think of you or how you will “perform” in their eyes. Some examples of performance anxiety are:

  • feeling afraid to speak up
  • criticizing every little thing you do
  • worrying about judgement from others
  • being afraid of not living up to someone else’s expectations
  • overthinking your social interactions

It is important to note that anxious thoughts can be presented in different ways and it looks and feels different for all of us. But overthinking and worrying about every little thing you do is not a good life to live. I’m not going to lie to you; getting over your anxiety is not easy. And it’s not a single destination, either. It’s inevitable for some experiences to trigger anxiety, even if you’ve been working to combat it for years!

The trick is to learn about your own anxiety and what works best for you. Here are seven tips that personally help me with managing stress and anxiety:

1. Take notice of your anxiety.

First, you have to figure out what makes you anxious and understand it. Meditation is a very good tool that helps you recognize your thoughts and emotions in order to better take control of your life. But if meditating isn’t your thing, try to become aware of your anxiety throughout the day. Check in with how you are feeling. Why are you feeling anxious? What’s your physiological response? Take a deep breath in and imagine your stress leaving with your exhale.

2. Exercise.

Working out is a great way to reduce stress and have another outlet for pent-up energy. It gives you something to focus on, other than what may be going on in your life and brings you to the present moment. Physical activity is a proven way to lessen anxiety.

3. Explore essential oils.

Placing essential oils such as lavender or jasmine on your wrists or third-eye center can help to calm your body. Pick out your favorite scent and relax into an anxiety-free space.

4. Consider supplements.

Many natural supplements are available to help you with your anxiety. My personal favorites are magnesium, ashwagandha, and vitamin B. CBD oil is also a great option that can really make a difference in your day-to-day life.

5. Eat less sugar!

I’m sorry to say that sugar is linked to anxiety. Try limiting your sugar intake each day and choosing fruit over processed sugars. You may crave more, but you will notice the improvement in your energy and stress levels — I know this from personal experience!!

6. Drink tea.

Decaffeinated teas such as chamomile have anxiety healing properties. Take a look at this list of teas that can help.

When it comes down to it, find what works best for you. Anxiety is such an uncomfortable emotional and physiological response to what’s happening in the world around us that causes each of us to act in a different way. When I’m feeling anxious, I like to journal or go outside in the sun and focus on my breathing. But you may choose to read a book, find comfort in a friend, take on a new project, indulge in self-care or whatever else calls to you.

You will have more regret not taking action and letting your anxiety take control than diving right in. No one has it all figured out and it helps to remind myself that I’m not the only one who may feel like this. Don’t stay up in your mind for too long; you may just like what you find here, in the present moment. And now you have the tools to help. Remember:

*You will do great things despite your anxiety*