Why I Spent My 21st Birthday Sober

I know what you’re thinking: ugh, what a drag! Who would ever spend their 21st birthday sober without at least one drink?

This girl 😉

Actually, this post isn’t about me dedicating the rest of my life to sobriety. Nor it is to say that I haven’t had my fair share of very not-sober days before this birthday. No, I am staying completely sober on this special day because I am choosing to prioritize my health over a good time.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve had some health issues. Nothing too serious, but enough for me to dedicate a lot of my time over the year to finding something that works for me. Something that makes me feel ease in my body again.

For the most part, I went the conventional route — seeing all the doctors I could and taking all the meds prescribed to me. But I also tried healing myself naturally — jumping on the celery juice bandwagon, meditating to listen to my body and other home remedies. I tried everything I could by doing my own research. And yet, nothing worked for the long run.

So recently, in fact just a couple of weeks ago, I turned to homeopathy. Homeopathy is a natural treatment under the idea that the body can heal itself. According to an individual’s emotional, spiritual and physical conditions, homeopathic doctors give diluted doses of plant or natural substance medicine. It is designed to gently stimulate the body’s defense systems and let the body work its magic. Before I looked into homeopathy a couple of months ago I didn’t know anything about this medicine and I am still learning more about it each day.

The major learning curve I had with homeopathy? That becoming intoxicated in any way, in addition to consuming mint or coffee, could interfere with the healing process (for at least a month after taking the remedy). Just in time for my birthday!

Of course, I could have started this remedy after my birthday once I found out that I couldn’t consume any alcohol. But it was a week before my birthday and after struggling through a year of unease, I couldn’t wait any longer. After all, I will still be 21 in a couple of months.

And, whether it’s the little detox or the actual remedies I am starting to feel whole again. I could not be more thankful for this opportunity to heal and choose myself over expectations. Celebrating my birthday over the past couple weeks has been filled with beautiful moments spent with family and loved ones. I spent my 21st birthday sober to begin this journey of nursing my body back into a healthy state of being.

Not even a single letter!