Written Mosaic is an opportunity for me to share stories and inspire people to live a holistic life. But as a freelance writer, I can provide custom content for your business through blogging, social media and more!

I’m Kassidy Gamble, freelance writer for hire. I offer exclusive content that’s informative and engaging! I will help you save time in your business while writing in a way that works for social media and the search engine.

I have experience in:

  • Nonprofits – I worked for Environment for the Americas
  • Environmental conservation – I studied in Tanzania on a Wildlife Conservation and Political Ecology program, worked for the above environmental organization and studied Environmental Science at University of Denver
  • Global affairs and politics – My degree is in International Studies

All that I have learned through school and traveling has inspired me to live a holistic life. That being said, I also have knowledge and personal experience in:

  • Living an eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Engaging in women’s work (aside from being a woman myself, I conducted a research study on women development in Tanzania)
  • Cultivating a healthy and strong mindset through meditation and yoga
  • Traveling ethically and sustainably

What makes my work different than all of the other freelance writers out there? I’m easy to work with and I treat my freelance writing as a business. If I’m writing about the environment, holistic health, human rights or a related topic, my whole heart will be in it. I put in the work, so you don’t have to. Mix research with background knowledge, add a bit of relatability and creativity and the finished product I provide you with will have your readers eager to read more.

Based on professional writing experience, I can deliver a variety of services. I’ve written for:

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any inquiries or comments! My background and experience make me uniquely qualified to create high quality content for your readers.